Does time change speed?

Do you ever get the feeling that time is just dragging on? You are working in the office, sitting at your desk at school during a long lecture or waiting for the doctor to see you, but when you look at the clock , you could swear the 15 minutes it took for the long hand to move a quarter of an hour were really twice as long. On the other hand, sometimes you feel like time moves too quickly. Deep, engaging conversations with friends and loved ones can last for several hours but make you feel like time swept by in minutes. You can wake up right when the alarm goes off in the morning but somehow still end up running late for work. You’re left throwing your hands up, wondering what happened to all of that lost time. Its a déjà-vu situation for me everyday. 😉

Time is a strangely contradictory concept. Time doesn’t always feel precise to us. When you bring two different people into the equation, especially if they don’t have any watches, getting them to agree on their experience of time becomes increasingly difficult. So is time as simple as we think it is, or is it more fluid and relative?

Welcome to my blog! I am an Electrical Engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras with specialization in Communication Systems. I am a programmer not a Sheldon Cooper, so I don’t have answers for the above. 😉 But for me, speed is time. I make use of Parallel Computing algorithms on multi-core architectures to write low latency applications. This blog is mostly about using GPUs for code acceleration. From my point of view, speed is time and time is speed!


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