Why Apple and Mac OS? – II

What’s a hardware with out software? Many think they need to buy many softwares for Mac OS. Frankly, until now I haven’t spent more than $100 on my software. Mac OS gives a very colorful environment to play with: you have Mach, FreeBSD, a nice driver development environment, and a lot of the system’s source code to go with it.

Windows is the odd-man out here. So, let me not talk about it. 😛 When I started using Linux during my college, I wondered why do people still use Windows?! (Ok…you can’t play games like in Windows). I have made heavy use of Linux in academics and now in my job. You can get a lot of the same, or similar software on Mac OS X. You can compile it yourself like you do in linux. Using Macports, you can install most of the softwares like you do on a linux machine. Like ‘sudo apt get install’ you have ‘sudo port install‘ on Mac OS. Mac OS  is representative of a “best-effort” approach – Apple took technology they had collected over the years, along with technology that had flourished in the open source world, and put together a reasonable system.

Personally, I prefer Mac OS to Linux. I found installing new stuff on Mac way easier than other platforms. I mostly use C/C++ in my coding. Once Xcode is installed, voilà! You have the necessary libraries requied to kick-off programming. Macs come with Ruby and Python installed, and an incredible C/C++/Objective C development environment from Xcode environment. The terminal base in linux is very similar to Linux. So, compiling and executing a program via terminal is the same as Linux. Newer versions of Xcode comes preinstalled with OpenCL. As a GPU progrmmer, that makes my life more easy. No need to install any extra libraries. Installing CUDA is also very easy. And also libraries like OpenGL are very easy to install. If you are familiar with linux, then you will be experiencing the same with a little make-up 😉

And I have also started with iPhone programming, and to deploy apps must have a Mac hardware!  You can’t test iPhone apps on a non-Mac hardware. Here again, Xcode simplifies things a lot. Mac OS runs pretty much all open source software flawlessly and, of course, it comes with all of the Unix command line tools and a well-built Terminal app for running them. So, those who are used to the terminal, you will not miss anything.

Here is a list of some of the softwares available for Mac OS.

The Spotlight feature easily lets you search any files on the disk. There are many productivity apps like Garagegand, iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb. Garageband is useful to start any project involving music. You can actually tune your guitar using the mic on a Mac machine. iPhoto lets you organise your photos accordingly. When you attach a new device, Mac OS will mostly recognise that and install the necessary drivers. Since the Mac hardware is so tightly controlled by Apple, Mac OS includes all of the drivers for everything, from graphics to USB, and things just tend to work. And another feature, Universal Access, using which even the blind users can interact with Mac software. Its called Voice Over and it’s exaplained here.

Then there is a great back up feature in Mac OS. Its called Time Machine. It’s as simple as clicking a ‘yes’ button when you put a hard-drive to use as a back-up. And if you want a Mac hardware but prefer working with Linux/windows environment, there’s way for that too. Firstly, Windows Parallels, which is a commercial software where you can install Linux or Windows in Mac OS and access them from. If you want a multi-boot system, you can use Boot Camp, which comes preloaded with Mac OS. It assists users in installing Windows/Linux through non-destructive partitioning of the hard-drive.

Everything said, I prefer to work with a Mac any day over other machines! But…

“Talk is cheap, I will show you the codes from next post” 😉


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