Why Apple and Mac OS? – I

My friends constantly keep pestering me about my Macbook (2010 model), which sadly is discontinued now, and cant wait to mock me when I run into any trouble with my machine. Recently, I had an issue with my machine where during boot-up it stood still at a white screen with no activity for hours. Well, this issue has a name – Macbook white screen of death! After googling, I found that this was a common issue. But I had to shed some bucks to get it working again. I wanted to upgrade my machine with a better RAM and easy to carry around. So, I ordered a Macbook Air. When my friends came to know about this they asked me – “Why again?”. So, I am writing this post which prompted me to do so. These are my personal views. 😉

I bought my Macbook 2 years ago and I loved it since then. It took me a few days to get acquainted with the new OS but the smooth interface mesmerized me. The multi-touch trackpad is my favorite. If you have used it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The worst thing about multi-touch on Mac is having to go back to a Windows laptop — you get so used to two and three finger taps that it’s nearly impossible to stop doing it!

Let me break the post into two parts:

  1. Why apple hardware?
  2. Why software?

To use Mac OS, I need not necessarily buy a macintosh machine. I can install Hackintosh on any machine which simulates a Mac OS supporting all the softwares and updates with no issues. Then why apple hardware? As I said earlier, my favorite part in my machine is the multi-touch trackpad. I have worked with few other machines which claim to have a multi-touch trackpad but I found all of them to be jerky. No interface was as smooth. And then the looks. You can’t stop staring at a Macbook with the apple logo glowing. 😉
The apple hardware is in fact expensive. Many  think that Apple is unnecessarily making us buy their machines in order to use Mac OS X. It might be their business strategy! Apple machines are not just pretty, stylish or good-looking, a lot of engineering goes into building them. Take MacBook Air, for example. Its unibody enclosure is machined from a solid block of aluminum. The result is a notebook that is thin and light, looks polished and refined, and feels strong and durable. The magnetic MagSafe power connector breaks cleanly away from the notebook if you trip over the power cord. And who doesn’t love a backlit keyboard which glows in low-light ambience environment. And the battery life – an amazing 7 hours per recharge! Well, these are only some of the features.

If you’ve never, take a look at the inside of a G5 PowerMac. Do an ioreg -l -w 0 on that machine. There are nine fans and twenty-one temperature sensors on it (might vary depending on the model). It’s amazingly quiet.

So, apple hardware and Mac OS is like a package deal. To get the best performance and ease of usability you need to have both.



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6 responses to “Why Apple and Mac OS? – I

  1. Macchi ! I like your blog ! It’s the first time I’m reading about coding using GPUs, only heard about it from others earlier.
    For those who don’t know about it, apple is very possesive and secretive about it’s intellectual property. That kind of puts off users looking to explore their devices.
    Still, they are the most beautiful computing machines on the market today, though others are trying to catch up. It’s a choice the consumer has to make.

    • I have actually handled my laptop very roughly. I used to run simulations on the graphics card for hours at a time in a climate like Chennai with no AC. Now, I am actually surprised that it lasted that long under those extreme conditions!

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